Solo dining at Mac and Wild, London – seen it, shot it!

Solo dining at Mac and Wild, London – seen it, shot it!

I love popcorn. Actually, I think I may have a wee addiction to the stuff. I can eat it anytime and it doesn’t have to be when I am watching a film. It’s like ice cream, you can never be sad eating the stuff. Actually, maybe I should just call it happy food and be done with it. Now, there are those who are aghast at the thought of shovelling this happy food into one’s gob, mouth, hole etc whilst watching a film. I’m here to tell you – is there any way to get through a film? Now that I’m a film critic, usually beverages are provided before a film. The art of balancing a glass and popcorn is too much. Last Thursday, a classic case in point. I went to a press screening of Funny Cow – the central character played by Maxine Peake who is just sublime on screen. The thing was after it I had cow on the brain, so I went in search of a beef burger and a drink. I wanted something decent, well cooked and seasoned and not reliant on drowning said meat in a waterfall of sauce. This is how I found myself solo dining at Mac and Wild. 

Location Location

Mac and Wild is on that long street that you don’t know the name off, that runs parallel to Oxford Street. It used to be the preserve of fashion warehouses etc but now there are several amazing restaurants along Great Titchfield including this Scottish delight – Mac and Wild.

Good Vibes

Usually, this place is full, especially on a Friday night but I took my chances. Well, in truth, I am not organised to book places unless well it is the weekend or I am going out with friends. I was a bit nervous but, I push open the door and the welcome I received was like visiting an old friend. They didn’t flinch when I said table for one and spruced one up by the window just for me. My waitress handed me a menu and I surveyed. The tables are quite close together so this is not the place for intimate conversations. The table next to me were having an outrageous bitching session about one of their friends. I studiously keep my eyes on the menu – haggis anyone?

The Food

I had come for the burger – it has won awards don’t you know. If I recall correctly it is a moo venison burger. I looked around and saw someone eating a bunless version and thought no I don’t want that. Then I spied the venison steak on the menu as I sipped on my glass of red wine. I am so glad I went with the venison steak because look at it – doesn’t it scream: eat me?!!

Next came dessert. Avid readers of this blog will know I have a very sweet tooth. I mean seriously sweet. The menu included deep fried mars bar.

This may be the only hitch with solo dining. Had I been with a friend I’d have persuaded them to get it and I’d call for an extra spoon. Alone, solo dining, and as late as it was, listen to grandma here all of 10 pm, I just thought no. The restaurant manager persuaded me to instead order the irn bru daiquiri. It was sweet, I was unable to tell if I consumed any alcohol but, I know I must have because the next day my head was banging as we South Londoners say. I had a hangover worse than champagne, white port and whisky combined. Like all good regrets, it was fun whilst I was drinking it!

Baby In The Corner? Baby was given her choice of table. Baby was made to feel very special at Mac and Wild!

Pricey? Depends, if you go for the chateaubriand but otherwise standard mid-range prices. I paid around £30 for my dinner including service.

Where? 65 Great Titchfield Street, Fitzrovia, London W1W 7PS

How? This is about a 10 min walk from Oxford Circus, walk up the street from Topshop/ Dorothy Perkins

Open when? On average lunchtime until 11pm but they do shut in the afternoon between the lunch and dinner service.



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