Heavenly sweet treat delight @Patisserie-Ciel, Paris

My simple diet rule is this: if a cake or biscuit is crumbled and/or broken up in pieces so much the better as that means all the calories have escaped = a calorie free delight a.k.a guilt free eating!

‘Tis the season or maybe that should read pre-season and I am on a pre- Christmas diet so my simple diet rule is working overtime with all those patisseries filled with wonderful edible delights. My simple diet rule also works for chocolate bars – I break them up so the calories escape. Therefore, you can imagine my delight when I walked past ciel patisserie – specialising in angel cakes, well if the cakes are heaven sent then they have to be calorie free. View Post

Sweet Treat @ Popelini, Paris

What does Catherine de Médicis and my latest sweet treat experience have in common?

The answer is the name – Popelini.

It may be the name of the shop but also it is the name of the Italian personal chef to Catherine de Médicis who is credited in 1540 with creating choux pastry.  All I can say is grazie Popelini for the many years of pleasure I have had eating profiteroles and now these wonderful flavoured cream filled puffs reimagined by chef Lauren Koumetz  in the 21st century. This was the sweet treat I was after: just a couple of moutfuls of deliciousness but without the guilt. View Post

Sweet Treat @ Dominique Saibron, Paris

One of my favourite aromas is that of freshly baked bread and I am lucky enough to wake up to it every morning. I live next to a boulangerie and even with all my windows closed the smell wakes me up.  However, I don’t ever buy croissants and the like from there or viennoiseries as the French call them. Oh no, anyone who comes to stay with me in Paris is treated to viennoiseries etc from Dominique Saibron which I go and buy each morning. It’s the full red carpet treatment for my house guests.  View Post

Sweet Treat @ Cyril Lignac Patisserie, Paris

For the first couple of years that I lived in Paris I was television free and it was liberating.  However, without a television my impression of the French was slightly skewed – I thought them passionate about philosophers and philosophy or at least that is what I experienced at dinner parties I attended – conversation on philosophers I had never heard of but felt I ought to have done left me feeling stupid and embarrassed. Well, that all changed when I finally bought a television to watch the Presidential elections (odd but true – I still don’t understand the French political system but then neither do half the indigenous population) and lo and behold France is a nation of reality tv addicts that they’ve imported either from the US and UK: Dancing With The Stars, Pop Idol, The Voice, Big Brother, Come Dine With Me, Top Chef, Masterchef and not only that they are shown at prime time. View Post