London: The three best places to warm up with a hot chocolate

London: The three best places to warm up with a hot chocolate

We are currently in Autumn and but it feels like the bleak midwinter! It is so cold. However, all is not lost because what does artic freeze mean? Yes, a cheeky hot chocolate without guilt or care for the calories you may be consuming. Now, when I have a hot chocolate I want it to be so thick it coats the inside of my mouth but not so sweet it makes my teeth shake. Hands up who agrees?

Then get that coat and scarf on baby it’s cold outside!

SAID dal 1923

You will see the queue for this place after you walk past the pub that is next door to it. Whatever the weather there are people sat outside huddled (maybe not in the summer) having hot chocolate – that’s the sign of a good hot chocolate. This Italian chocolate shop sells, you guessed it, chocolate. Inside smells heavenly of course and the hot chocolate is thick made from real chocolate shavings. It coats the back of the spoon so that you have to lick it off. Sharp elbows are needed if you spot a place to sit down through the families and couples on dates but there are seats. I had the smallest of hot chocolates and that enough sweetness for this chocoholic!

Location: 41 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 9QL


Caffe NERO

Say what? Yes, cafe Nero does very respectable hot chocolate with marshmallows mixed in. See, I knew that would grab your attention. It is so good. A little thinner than the molten version of hot chocolate, more like the warm hug of cocoa you used to have before you went to bed as a child. This is that hot chocolate. If you are after that hug during the working day then head to your local, affectionately known Neros!

Locations: All over the UK


Rococo Chocolates

Now, this bijou chocolatier with a few stores scattered around London sells hot chocolate made from the chocolate it sells. It is between the Nero and Said chocolate and sold in the perfect, mood boosting size. You can sip and shop without risk of spillage because it will be gone in four mouthfuls!

Locations: Belgravia, London, Covent Garden, Marylebone and Chelsea!


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