Film Review – Boiling Point

Wow – one continuous 90 minute shot is as bold as visual storytelling gets. To pull this off on the big screen you need the following; a solid gold scrip, direction, cinematography and a stellar…

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Film Review – NO TIME TO DIE

Six years after his last outing in Spectre, James Bond (Daniel Craig) is back in No Time To Die. It is Daniel Craig’s last outing as Bond and my overall impression was this was more…

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Solo Dining at Maison Francois – charming and chic

Now that I am back to living my sex in the city lifestyle, well I moved into the city the other part is still under review. I went out for oysters. I know there’s that…

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Ears and Eyeballs streamlist: tv and film guide

The days are getting longer and freedom is almost here, in the UK anyway, soon we’ll be able to eat indoors!! However, if you are still after something decent to watch then this week I’ve…

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Press freedom is fundamental to maintaining a free and democratically healthy society. This is demonstrated in the documentary A Thousand Cuts which follows fearless, investigative journalist Maria Ressa who has risked her life and freedom…

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