Interview with director Henrika Kull

This week, I sat down with, Henrika Kull, the writer and director of the new film Bliss to find out how it came about, the female gaze and why representation matters. LM – How did…

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Film Review: BLISS

Bliss from writer and director Henrika Kull is a refreshing and thought provoking love story between two sex workers that throw up questions regarding identity, vulnerability and attraction. We are used to seeing sex workers…

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Film Review: HOPE

HOPE is a sublime piece of filmmaking. The writer and director, Maria Sodahl delivers a really well observed, written and paced beautifully. Even though it is a very intimate film the themes it tackles are…

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Film Review – Boiling Point

Wow – one continuous 90 minute shot is as bold as visual storytelling gets. To pull this off on the big screen you need the following; a solid gold scrip, direction, cinematography and a stellar…

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Film Review – NO TIME TO DIE

Six years after his last outing in Spectre, James Bond (Daniel Craig) is back in No Time To Die. It is Daniel Craig’s last outing as Bond and my overall impression was this was more…

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