Sweet Treat @ Helmut Newcake, Paris

As regular readers you’ll know by now that the weekend not only means long lie-ins and getting lost in the city but also my weekend sweet treat! One of my closest friends, actually someone who I consider to be my family, has been stating for the past 4 years that she is coming to Paris but one question that is at the forefront of our minds is how can she possible enjoy any of those luscious patisserie creations given that she is coeliac. That was an issue but then Helmut Newcake opened and it no longer is. View Post

Solo dining @ Cafe Craft, Paris

What’s the worst thing that can happen when you wake up on a Saturday morning after a rough week at work:

a) being woken up by your noisy neighbours who just can’t seem to get enough of each other?

b) hearing the wind howling outside but knowing that you have to go out for that run round the park?

c) realising you have no coffee left including the stash of sachets taken from various hotel rooms? View Post

Sweet Treat @ Aux Merveilleux de Fred

There are all these books about why French women don’t get fat because they eat like this or they dress like that etc etc. In my humble opinion the reason French women don’t get fat is because all those beautifully crafted, delicately decorated cake creations are damned expensive. At an average of €4 a cake – they are not the thing you buy every day unless of course you have unlimited funds. Hence why I limit myself to a weekend sweet treat having learnt the hard way of how easy it is to fritter away a month’s salary on cakes. No wonder the mob took Marie- Antoinette’s head – cake  is expensive darling! View Post

Solo dining @ La Buvette – gastrothèque, Paris

After walking all the way from Opera  to Pigalle (a good hour given I had to negotiate the wave of Saturday afternoon shoppers lapping at the shores of Galerie Lafayette department store) and then trailing in and out of the boutiques that line Rue de Martyrs, I was in need of a chair and liquid refreshment.  I had initially thought of stopping in for a bit of love at Hotel Amour but it seemed that everyone else in SoPi (yes the hipsters have moved in and created an enclave starting from the sex shops next to la Moulin Rouge and the stairs leading to Montmartre. South Pigalle is where its at or not depending on your point of view) had decamped there! View Post