Solo dining @ Liberté Boulangerie, Paris

After my fabulous coffee at Café Craft, I decided to shake a leg and enjoy the Saturday lunchtime sun. As I was strolling down rue des vinaigriers which really is foodie paradise in the 10th arrondissement, I stumbled across this:


 At first I thought it was one of those uber chic office outposts in the 10th or maybe a private gathering. However, as I peered through the glass I saw food.


I wasn’t in the mood to sit down, I really just wanted to eat and walk so I pushed the door and entered Liberté.  There were a couple of low tables, you know the type, not appropriate if you are:

a) wearing low cut jeans; or

b) still recovering from zumba class or a run up the hill; or

c) aware that it’s not the sitting down that’s the problem it’s the getting up with any dignity!


Anyway, the kitchen is open plan with all kinds of fancy kit and array of pretty cakes, breads, sandwiches etc.  I was about to choose a sandwich when I spied tradition au chocolat! Hold on – such a thing exists: chocolate bread.  I can hear the derision but let me take a moment to explain about bread. There is the French saying a meal without bread is like a day without sunshine or is it wine, I forget. Anyway, before moving to France I liked bread, I wouldn’t walk miles for it but I liked it and could tell the difference between the ubiquitous industrial made sliced bread and a properly baked loaf. Here in Paris, I live above a boulangerie and I wake up to the scent of freshly baked bread. Yes I am lucky however I only buy a tradition from there nothing else as I don’t think their croissants are very good and neither are the cakes. I walk 2km (I have the my-fitness app) on a Sunday to an award winning boulangerie where everything is good. Yes I walk past 5 other boulangeries to go to the award winning one.  Here’s why: bread is relatively cheap in France and not all baguettes are equal even if the price is regulated by the State.  Baguettes are soft and I don’t like them. I choose ‘La tradition” which has a hard crust and a dough that still has a slight pull or bite if you will.

So when I saw this tradition au chocolat, I thought I had died and gone to heaven – a sweet version of my savoury delight! I bought one and figured that I would walk off the calories – my lunch and sweet treat combined into one!


How was it? Exactly as I like it – the consistency of the tradition with a generous sprinkling of chocolate pieces and that all important bite and chew. There was no acrid after taste or cloying sweetness it tasted like bread with a hint of dark chocolate. I thoroughly enjoyed it and shall be back to buy another soon!

Where? rue des vinaigriers 75010

How? Line 5  – Jacques Bonsergent (or you could walk from Republique)

Open when? Tuesday to Saturday 7h to 20h

Pricey? Regular prices and the tradition au chocolat is €1,30


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