Heavenly sweet treat delight @Patisserie-Ciel, Paris

Heavenly sweet treat delight @Patisserie-Ciel, Paris

My simple diet rule is this: if a cake or biscuit is crumbled and/or broken up in pieces so much the better as that means all the calories have escaped = a calorie free delight a.k.a guilt free eating!

‘Tis the season or maybe that should read pre-season and I am on a pre- Christmas diet so my simple diet rule is working overtime with all those patisseries filled with wonderful edible delights. My simple diet rule also works for chocolate bars – I break them up so the calories escape. Therefore, you can imagine my delight when I walked past ciel patisserie – specialising in angel cakes, well if the cakes are heaven sent then they have to be calorie free.

Location/Le Lieu

Gosh this place is situated truly in cake paradise – aux merveilles de Fred is located on the opposite side of the street – read about that here.

Ciel patisserie is located in a bijou space which is a nice way of saying small and there are about 8 seats if you want to have your cake with a cup of tea. However, I came in after two girls, ordered my cake and left the said girls standing there still waiting for a seat. A word to the wise – reserve to avoid disappointment.

inside ciel box

Ambiance/Good Vibes

The vibe of this place is calm, soothing with a focus on the aesthetically pleasing cakes. You do not come here for the service or at least the “angel” serving me must have had his wings clipped as he wasn’t very polite which was a shame. There were so many cakes to choose from – plain, olive oil infused, blackcurrant, earl grey, yuzu etc. I was dazzled but in the end I chose the sunset cake a mixture of passionfruit, with mashed banana and parsley if I am not mistaken.

Cake/Le Gateau

The box in which the cakes are wrapped are a work of art in themselves, an origami box hiding your own personal piece of heaven. I didn’t say slice as the cakes are sold whole for want of a better description.

ciel box closed

I couldn’t wait to get home and sit down with a nice strong cup of tea and unfold my box of delight. How was it – the sponge was as light as air and then the filling of mashed banana with cream and passionfruit was sweet yet slightly tart. However, for me this is a cake to share it is just too much to eat for one person. I say this as someone who has an incredibly sweet tooth and likes her food. It was too much although it didn’t stop me from eating it all that evening but I did have to take a mini digestion pause.


Pricey? I paid €5 for my cake which is about average and super reasonable if you share it…. 

How? Line 10 (metro stop Maubert-Mutualité)

Where? 3 rue monge, 75005 Paris

Open when? 11 to 8pm (Angels don’t rest this place is open 7 days a week!)

Website: http://patisserie-ciel.com

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