They decided to stay on the ship @ Le Mary Celeste, Paris

They decided to stay on the ship @ Le Mary Celeste, Paris

Who doesn’t love a good story and a legend at that.

Most of us know the story of the Mary Celeste found on the ocean with no sign of the crew but with the table laid for dinner etc.  Were they abducted by aliens or worse? Although I am not sure there is worse than being abducted by aliens, oh wait, discovering that you the tax man is taking even more of your money than he did last year – yes you guessed it I finally did my tax declaration and I finally understand what socialism truly means!

That Mary Celeste ship in 1832 may have been abandoned but the Mary Celeste Paris in 2014 on a Thursday night at 7.30pm is heaving.

Le Lieu/Location

I am a bit late to the party, as ever, as the Mary Celeste was the bar of 2013. It’s principally a bar that serves high end sharing plates/tapas.  In oystering months they serve oysters and during happy hour, those beauties will only cost €1 a piece.  Sadly I didn’t come in a month that had ‘r’ in the name and in any event I don’t actually know how to eat oysters or should I say cut them out of their shell. Albeit I am uber confident drinking alone but I am not sure I could handle oysters alone. The nautical theme runs through this place and the central bar is made of wood.

mary celeste lieu


Ambiance/Good Vibes

I squeezed in at the bar and I mean squeezed, in the winter I imagine you could take off layers as your neighbours body heat would keep you sufficiently warm – think sardines in a can. All the tables by the open doors were taken.  The nice touch is that all the floor to ceiling doors open so that you are left with the impression of being on an open deck.

A word to the wise – this is not a bar to come to for a romantic night out. It gets loud in here and people jostle as space is at a premium and frankly there is nothing worse than getting jostled around is there? Although maybe so if you want to get up close and personal then do bring that special person you fancy here. You will be forced to lean in real close to hear what they are saying!

mary celeste bar

Les Verres/Drinks

So I decided to go for a virgin cocktail and didn’t even look at the wine list at all. To my shock horror recently I found myself drinking almost every night. I met up with friends and most of the time wine is cheaper than a soft drink in France so I always think just the one eh. Well just the one had me jaded and grumpy or grumpier than usual so I am on the wagon on a school night, or best endeavours – no promises except to my liver of course.

My virgin cocktail of which I forget the name was delightful but utterly ordinary and lacking something – oh yes – alcohol. Don’t get me wrong it was very refreshing – lots of lime coming through but a dash of white rum and I could have imagined myself on a boat in the Caribbean but alas no. Will I come back – yes but maybe in the winter months to have a happy hour oyster with a Brooklyn beer although I doubt it will be any less crowded.

collage mary celeste

Where? 1 rue commines Paris, 75003 Paris

How? Les Filles Calvaire (metro line 8)

Open when? Everday 18h30 to 23h


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