Somebody forgot to buy the matches @ Candelaria, Paris

Hidden bars are popular in Paris: the Beef Club, Moonshiner etc and they are fun at first given the novelty factor of entering the restaurant like you own the place, walking to the unmarked door, pushing it open and entering the secret drinking den. I had wanted to go to Candelaria for a long time and finally went with a friend and decided that maybe I had judged it unfairly so promised to go back for a solo apéro – ha! View Post

They decided to stay on the ship @ Le Mary Celeste, Paris

Who doesn’t love a good story and a legend at that.

Most of us know the story of the Mary Celeste found on the ocean with no sign of the crew but with the table laid for dinner etc.  Were they abducted by aliens or worse? Although I am not sure there is worse than being abducted by aliens, oh wait, discovering that you the tax man is taking even more of your money than he did last year – yes you guessed it I finally did my tax declaration and I finally understand what socialism truly means! View Post

Solo Apero @ French Beer Factory, Paris

One of the aspects of London I really miss is having a proper pint of beer. That’s not to say that after work I would always be necking back pints of beer but I do enjoy that aspect of London life of going down the pub or bar and having a drink and colleagues joking and laughing. Paris is not like that – the Parisians are a cold bunch who take a long while to warm up to anyone. View Post

Solo Apero @ Lazare (No Room At The Inn!) Paris

*I had had enough of Christmas shopping not that I had made much headway. I ordered two items off Amazon and hoped that their delivery dates were accurate or there really would be tears on the 25th. Having headed into the crowds of FNAC, I pontificated (my new favourite word) and then bought something for myself, oops! After such an effort there was nothing for it but to go and have a solo apéro.  Given that I was in the Opéra area I thought I’d check out the hot new opening at St Lazare Station, the aptly named Lazare. View Post