Solo dining at Chambelland, Paris – gluten free pastries, eh oui!

Solo dining at Chambelland, Paris – gluten free pastries, eh oui!

I miss bread.

It’s been four years since I’ve been able to eat bread without any ill effects. My body just revolted in disgust at the English bread I was shoving in my mouth after almost five glorious years of buying la tradition (a sort of baguette), all butter croissants etc from the boulangerie I lived above in Paris. I was sort of dreading being back in Paris knowing I’d be tempted to sin and sink my teeth into a croissant that was until I heard of Chambelland. Well, I decided to shimmy over to this entirely gluten free bakery in the 11th arrondissement to see if it could help me get over my constant craving for real bread!

Location, Location

So this is located in the 11th arrondissement which now getting hipper by the week. It’s a great area as it is not far from Canal St Martin so after you’ve perused, bought and eaten you call walk to the canal.

Good Vibes

It’s very small inside with a bar for people to sit at. Frankly, I guess you always need to pray for sun so that you can sit outside or that you take away.

Les Plats/ Food 

Everything in the bakery is gluten free so it isn’t so much what can I have but what do I want. Ha – I wanted almost everything. For lunch there were formules or menus: sandwich and a drink, quiche and a drink etc. I chose a quiche and peppermint tea that I paid for inside and it was brought out to me. It is pricey but that’s forgiven because the quiche tasted like a real gluten filled quiche except it was gluten free!!

The only disappointment is that the bread wasn’t really like regular bread and didn’t look appealing at all.

Baby in the corner? Non, Baby sat where she wanted.

Pricey? Oh yes, eye watering my quiche and peppermint tea came to €15.

Where? 14 rue Ternaux, 75011 Paris

How? I walked there.

Open when? 8am to 8pm except for Sundays when it shuts at 6pm.



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