Documentary series review: The Waiting Room

Documentary series review: The Waiting Room

Do you ever look at someone and think what’s your story?

The Waiting Room: Everyone Has A Story is a documentary series created by Dr Sukh. The concept is a really straightforward one. Dr Sukh interviews his subjects in a room, like a consulting room, but the mood is one of ease for the subjects to tell their story. Rather than tell me why you’re here, it’s not so much diagnosis as more providing your remedy so that others may heal themselves too.

The reason why this series feels so accessible is the manner of Dr Sukh who himself has a super interesting story of how he made it to becoming a surgeon. He also has a mixture of well known individuals such as the esteemed photographer Rankin, broadcast journalist, Victoria Derbyshire, and stage and screen actor Sanjeev Bhaskar and those less well known but the common thread is all of them have overcome obstacles to become what most of us would consider to be successful and in some cases successful survivors of horrific abuse. Also, each of the interview subjects explains how the NHS helped them overcome their personal challenges and in some cases kept them alive so that they could tell their story.

There are currently 22 interviews available on The Waiting Room Channel and they are all deeply affecting. What is clear is that the human spirit is a tenacious one. Even though, it all sounds quite serious there’s such a great tone and pace that each of the interviews is so compelling you are left wanting more than the 30 minutes allotted.



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