Solo coffee at Treize au Jardin, Paris – terrace with a view!

Solo coffee at Treize au Jardin, Paris – terrace with a view!

Coffee en terrasse? When you think about Paris what do you see?

It’s romantic, cliched, trite, all of that and a bag of croissants but for me cafe terraces in Paris are mythical – you pay rent through drinking copious amounts of coffee enveloped by smokers around you, hope that the red lipstick you put on an hour ago is still in place and trying hard not to pose but in your head, you’re screaming “work it, girl”! Ok well it after years of living there I no longer do the pose (at least I hope not) but I do like to sit at a table and people watch: other humans are fascinating. I especially like watching people hesitate and you can clearly see that they are not sure if they should just sit down or wait for the waiter or what. No, I don’t put them out of their misery I just watch.

Location, Location

Treize Bakery has moved next to one of my favourite Jardins – Jardin de Luxembourg the home of France’s Senate. I remember when the first Treize was over near rue de bac so it is lovely seeing it in this amazing location. It is bigger and more importantly has a terrace.

Good Vibes

Er – Southern Hospitality is legendary and it travels well- I was greeted with a hello and I said I’m seated outside. Now sometimes you want a cup coffee – not just a little cup but I guess a mug as the French might call it. 

Coffee/ Cafe

Ah, the coffee was delicious and more importantly free refills – my cup runneth over is exactly how I like it to be where coffee is concerned.

The table I sat on with the autumn sun beaming down was exactly where I wanted to be. It is a blissful spot and I will be back!

Baby in the corner? No, Baby had her pick of the outside tables.

Pricey? Not at all €4 coffee with free refills and it was lovely and smooth.

Where? 5 rue de Medicis, 75006, Paris

How? RER B Jardin de Luxembourg or even Notre Dame.

Open when? 7 days a week with live music on a Friday!



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