Solo dining at Breizh Cafe, Paris – a very crepe time!

Solo dining at Breizh Cafe, Paris – a very crepe time!

I’m not big on planning, I’ve got better but when I’m alone or travelling I just think: “ah, yeah I’ll just turn up and try my luck”. That has served me well until last Friday night when I was back in Paris for a little rest and relaxation. It was a strange night time odyssey because everywhere I went was either super crowded or looked dead. Also, when did the French start eating at 7 pm – l’horreur. As I walked around some of my old haunts, obviously losing track of time because I don’t own a watch – which might explain why I’m usually always late, I realised I missed this side of living in Paris. Anyway, after walking around the streets of Saint Germain and dismissing most places as tourist traps – I spied Breizh Cafe on the corner. If there’s one other thing you need to remember about me is that I love crepes: melted cheese, ham, nutty taste of buckwheat, move over mash potato there’s a new comfort queen in town!

Location, Location

The original Breizh cafe is tucked away in the Marais but they’ve opened this on the corner of Odeon. You simply cannot miss it and with prime location comes a tiny interior but lots of chairs on the terrace. So, in the winter months there are outdoor heaters and you, now feeling suitably smug Parisian will be wrapped up in a scarf and be sipping cider or (ahem) wine if you must! I was invited to just sit anywhere I liked and so I did on the terrace, the perfect place to people watch all night.

Good Vibes

The welcome was very warm and given the location the waiting staff speak very good English, menus are in a few languages and whether you’re in a group or solo everyone is treated the same so two gold stars for Breizh cafe!

Les Plats, The Food

What do we drink with crepes? Cider, yes cider no wine. Here they have a whole array of ciders and I happily ordered mine whilst I perused the menu. Now the way in which the menu is translated into English makes for very odd reading, the waitress gave me one obviously thinking I couldn’t understand French after all my Del Boy accent hasn’t softened in the slightest when I speak French. If you can understand the language order the menu in French. There is a very interesting selection of crepes but I went with my favourite – ham, cheese, egg well done. As I was in full tourist mode I allowed myself to upsold and for an extra €2,50 have the seasonal vegetables. I wouldn’t bother with those again: the smattering of haricot verts and tomatoes was a blink, two mouthfuls and done affair.

My crepe came perfectly done – delicious and gluten free since it is made with buckwheat. Actually, all savoury crepes are made this way so very gf friendly meal.

I did crave something sweet after dinner by greed rather than need and I really couldn’t fit in another crepe. The couple on a date next to me who only stopped in for drinks and a sweet crepe look made them seem enticing but I had to say non! However, ice cream is happy food and so I decided to order happy: vanilla and salted caramel butter!

Baby in the corner: Nope, baby got to sit where she wanted!

Pricey? Oui! It’s pricey than my favourite place in Montparnasse but I suspect that is also because of its prime location. My crepe was €14.

Where? 1 rue de l’Odeon, 75006, Paris

How? Odeon line 4 of the metro plus a 2 minutes walk and you’re there!

Open when? 10am – 11pm


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