A bacalhau good time @Paris-Lisboa, Paris

Paris is the city of love, light and walkers.

To really see Paris you need to walk the streets and get lost, as I do often, being GPS challenged even with a blue flashing dot on the map I manage to often go in the wrong direction. You could take the metro and have the metro ticket rejected because it got demagnetised in your bag next to phone or have the pleasure – did I say pleasure – of someone push up against your backside, with not so much as an introduction, as they barrier hop. Yes, a very Parisian sport is fare dodging and riding the metro for free.  Then if that wasn’t enough there is the dank stench of perspiration so strong that the back of your throat itches. View Post

Can you kir me coming @ Le Select, Paris

Forget what others think and just do it!

When I first came to Paris back in May 2010 to live and work I used to walk past various brasseries’ terraces and stare at the couples enveloping each other in midst of smoke and no doubt talking about something intelligent like Proust. I, on the other hand, was too afraid to even sit at a table and so that summer past with me walking sometimes seriously dehydrated past all these tables afraid and missing out on an essential part of French life – people watching! View Post

Solo dining @ Chez Gladines restaurant, Paris

Lieu, Location

What do Gwyneth Paltrow and I share in common?

a) a multi millionaire husband?

b) we are both oscar winners? or

c) our love of Diptyque candles?

Yes, it’s c) our reputed  shared love of diptyque candles (just for info I am working on answers a) and b) – ha ha!)  What have candles got to do with my blog post? Everything! View Post

Marcel (Anti Solo Diners)


After my apero at Mems, I was ready to eat and what better place to do that than overlooking Canal St Martin. Everyone it seemed had the same idea as me. Many of the restaurants along both sides of the Canal have terraces or floor to ceiling glass doors allowing the air, if any, to circulate indoors.

Not only did I enjoy still feeling the heat on my back but I wanted to have a little fire in my belly. I knew the place I wanted to try. Having walked past it numerous times, tonight was the night or at least so I thought. The restaurant in question: Marcel. A restaurant overlooking the Canal, with those floor to ceiling glass doors pushed open, cool tunes floating out and serving high class Indian fare. Ha!


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