London Film Festival 2020: my top 5 films

The London Film Festival 2020 may have wrapped up for another year. Even though it was a little different year, especially with the virtual press screenings, there were still some incredible films. Here are my top 5 films that I watched in no particular order!

Another Round (Druk)

The dream team that is writer/director Thomas Vinterburg and actor, Mads Mikkelsen hit all the right notes in this film.  This is a really smart, provocative yet deeply emotional drama of fortysomething male teacher who decides to stop being the person he’s become. It’s a character study of male vulnerability with a really strong plot. It

After Love

As debut films go, this is outstanding. It’s about a recently widowed wife who discovers her husband has been leading a double life. Can the love and trust you had for held for someone when they were alive withstand the secret and lies that are revealed after their death? Actress, Joanna Scanlan holds this entire film together, her performance is heartbreaking and shows what range she has. If she’s not nominated it with be a tragedy.


Who are you living for? That’s how I’d sum of the sublime SUPERNOVA. When one partner gets dementia (Stanley Tucci) which is gradually getting worse: is it selfish of them to want to check out early to protect their quality of life or, should they remain for their partner? It’s not an entirely perfect film and sometimes the scenes linger for longer than they should. However, Stanley Tucci’s performance is exquisite and he’ll be up for a litany of awards.

I am Samuel

Is a documentary about a gay couple trying to live their lives in Kenya, a country where being gay is a criminal offence. It is a heartbreaking, sensitive and emotional look at Alex and Sammy’s life together. Read my full review here.


Set in Dublin, it tells the story of an abused woman trying to build a better life for herself and her two daughters so she literally builds her own home. It is strikingly different and offers a fresh perspective on the abused woman from the one we’re often shown on screen. I liked how it lays bare the problem with the laws that are supposed to help women but actually hinder them. Written and directed by women, the female gaze offers up a fresh gaze.

The London Film Festival 2020 ran from 7 – 17 October. 

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