It’s always Gin o’clock! Solo cocktail @ Scarfes Bar, London

It’s always Gin o’clock! Solo cocktail @ Scarfes Bar, London

Hello my name is Liquid Marmalade and for the past 9 months I’ve been cheating on myself with films.

Yes, that’s right I moved back from Paris to pursue writing and all that jazz and just couldn’t find any balance. Film reviewing is hard work. Gone are the days where; I would sit back, gleefully eat the food I hid in my bag rather than spend £5 on popcorn and watch the film with my only utterance after the credits had ended would be: rubbish or not bad actually. No, now you can find me hunched over with pen and notebook precariously balanced on the armrest furiously taking notes, observing everything. That left little time for me to write up blog posts for Liquid Marmalade although I haven’t stopped eating or drinking solo.

Also, the other problem is I HAVE FRIENDS. It’s terrible isn’t it? Why would that be a problem you ask. Well, I am very strict about Liquid Marmalade and ensuring that I eat and/or drink alone in the places I visit. Now, that I’ve moved back from Paris all these people want to see me and eat with me: it’s a pain. I jest. However it has proved a tinsy winsy bit difficult squeezing in solo adventures. However, most of my friends share my one abiding fault…I am usually late (I was once 45 minutes late for a date). My infamous “I’m just running 10 minutes late” is now used on me. That’s lucky for you as it means that some of my posts, including this one, came about because a dear friend was running “10 minutes late” that turned into 45 minutes and so when opportunity arrives on time leaving lateness lagging behind: Liquid Marmalade pounces!

Location Location


Scarfes Bar is located in the Rosewood Hotel which is swanky. There’s no other way to describe it. You would certainly not rock up in jeans and battered New Balances which I sometimes do when I’m solo drinking. It is just a hop and skip for Holborn Station and it feels like stepping into another time: one where people knew how to dress and manners reigned supreme. Low lighting, roaring fire and secluded nooks to snuggle in with a lover. It struck me that this is the perfect place to take a date – everyone looks good in a dimly lit room!

Good Vibes?

I was meeting a friend there on a Friday night. It was busy even at 7pm but there were still a few tables free. The greeting is warm and friendly, even though it is the epitome of leather and luxe, and Mr Bond would certainly be stirred but not shaken drinking a martini at the bar. There were couples sitting at the bar, other solo drinkers and suits. The maitre’d offered me a choice of table even even though I said I was drinking solo. I wanted to see what the reaction would be and it was charming. I chose the table with the best people watching views. The leather chairs are the type you sink into feeling weightless and fully supported. You are left to enjoy the feeling as the staff are very discreet: it’s all about pleasure and enjoying the surroundings.

The Drinks


The bar is named after Gerald Scarfe the master cartoonist with a sharp eye and a sharper pen to conjure up wonderful cartoons of the great and good. I had a feeling this place could conjure up a fantastic cocktail or two! I wasn’t wrong. The drinks menu is a book spanning everything from original, new and old favourite cocktails as well as standard drinks.  The only problem with all the mahogany and soft lighting is that it is hard to see what other people are drinking. After a long week at work the best way to get the party started is a trusty G&T (gin and tonic) and with all this austerity talk why not throw in a bit of champers! I chose Bubble and Shrubs cocktail a mixture of the above plus champers and elderflower liqueur. The added touch was the bowl of nibbles – my eating is cheating days are now but a faint glimmer nestled in the pages of my shimmering early 20s. I sat back, caressing the arm of my leather chair and watched life bubbling all around me. The bar is big and designed with acoustics in mind so no matter how busy it becomes you can still hear and, more importantly, your companion speak!


Baby in the corner?

Nope – Baby is on full view here and looks good with that subtle lighting. Solo drinkers are definitely welcome and made to feel comfortable.


Yes but then again it is a hotel bar! Those cocktails are good. I finished off my first before my friend arrived, had a second with her and then a glass of greywacke wine that equalled the amount I could have spent for a 3 course meal! Sometimes you just have to drink your dinner, I know, naughty naughty! My cocktail was £15.50.

Where? Rosewood London, 252 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EN

How? Holborn tube station (Piccadilly or Central line and then turn right and it is 5 minutes away°

Open when? 7 days a week [ Mon to Fri midday until late and Sun 3pm until late]


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