Dark and Stormy good times – solo dining @THERUMKITCHEN, London

Dark and Stormy good times – solo dining @THERUMKITCHEN, London

I’ve always been hip!

A bold statement I will admit but, since returning home, all the places I used to hang out or thought that looks interesting are now achingly hip. Obviously not because of moi but for instance, Kingly Court just off Carnaby Street, was quirky and a bit trendy in 2010 with a mixture of shops and a few restaurants but now it is full of restaurants and there are queues! You, loyal readers that you are or haven’t quite worked out how to unsubscribe from my newsletter, will know I despise queues. If there is a line out of the door with people holding menus, I just head elsewhere. Except, the night in question I had stumbled out of the bombastic, quake filled press screening of San Andreas and needed something to bring me back to reality. The Rum Kitchen had been in my sights for a long time: a nibble and drink were in order.

Location Location


The Rum Kitchen is located on the first floor of Kingly Court and if that’s where you’re heading don’t look left or right just head straight there and try and squeeze in before the hordes arrive. Think the rum shacks you see on any Caribbean island: no windows, white washed inside, big bar, low lighting and steel drums hanging from the ceiling. The music is blaring, ok it is not too loud, and it is hot inside.

Good Vibes


Of course the vibe is good here! Have you ever been to a bad party in the caribbean? Well I will answer that for you and say no. All you need is a rum punch in hand, sand between your toes and sunglasses on – it’s a party. You’re not going to get the sand and you could wear the sunglasses but then you really wouldn’t be able to see anything. The lighting is dim inside. The greeting is warm though and when I said I’m eating solo she said I could have a window seat. The clientele is mixed: couples and groups. Is this a date place – it could be if you’ve already met the person and not really interested in their conversation skills! For me it is the place to get the party started with friends: a few tunes blaring in the background, a couple  of spicy nibbles and a good, potent cocktail!

Drinks & Eats


My last meal on this earth would include fishcakes as they call them in Barbados but the Jamaicans call them salt fish fritters. Petty but all the islands are different. Having looked at the small starter section, I had already eaten my bodyweight in popcorn during the San Andreas screening, I settled on these beauties. I love salt fish and I like my “fritters” spicy. I had low expectations because I have learnt to keep them low where this particular delicacy is concerned and because it is one of my favourite foods! I ordered a dark stormy – to chase away my fears of a major earthquake happening in London and Dwayne Johnson not arriving in time to save me!

How were the fritters? Oh my goodness – they were good, so good I thought about ordering a second helping but needed to get a wiggle on and get home to write my review. The cocktail was good too – potent yet refreshing with the lime and ginger.

This is certainly on my post evening screening places to hang out, next time I will bring my notebook so I can order that second helping and write the review!

Baby In The Corner? Not really, it’s more of a case if you can find a space then plonk your bag, bottom or both there and wait to be served!

Pricey? The drinks costs more than the nibble and the prices are London prices: around £9 for the cocktail and £7.50 for the salt fish fritters.

Where? 1st Floor, Kingly Court, Carnaby, Soho W18 5PW

How? 15 mins slow walk & glance in shops from Oxford Circus tube or 7 mins normal Londoner walking pace!

Open when? Mon to Fri 12 pm to midnight & 30 mins later Fri & Sat), Sun 12 until 11pm

Website: http://therumkitchen.com

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