Oyster Happiness @ Wright Brothers, London

Oyster Happiness @ Wright Brothers, London



How will I know I’m successful?

I shall go to the cinema at midday and afterwards sate my appetite eating oysters all day and not worry about the cost. However, whilst I am still in the fake it whilst I make it stage I must watch the pennies, sort of. How is it possible to eat oysters everyday and not worry too much? Not walk and text is how. Walkers and texters miss all the bargains – you have to keep your eyes peeled. A few weeks ago I came across the sign above and made a mental note. I thought I really must try out this place although I did have a sense of fear. You see I’m a virgin. An oyster virgin in public. I’ve eaten the delicacies with people who know what they are doing in sweeping gardens in South West France and on a dock of a bay in San Francisco. The imagery is sickening I know! However, eating them in a restaurant and ALONE – I recoiled in silent horror just as I imagine an oyster does when the shallot vinaigrette is first poured on.

Anyway I love a bargain and an offer of an oyster at £1 a pop. My oyster virginity was about to go cheap…real cheap!

Location Location

Wright Brothers is located in Kingly Court on the ground floor. This is an oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of Regent’s Street. It is set over two floors and don’t be fooled when you walk past and think it looks empty or where are the comfy seats. The downstairs tables are sort of stand up and eat affairs or sit on those high chairs which I hate. At the back are the comfy, red leather banquettes. Gather your courage and walk in after all you’re here for OYSTERS!
Good Vibes
How can there not be when oysters are a £1 a pop. A healthy and vitamin packed happy hour that lasts hours. There’s no need to feel ashamed to say you are here for the £1 oysters – the waiter is positively only too happy to tell you about them. Ah – yes I should add you do have to ask for them as they are not on the menu. This is an off-menu luxury!
Drinks & Eats
There’s a menu. That’s all I can tell you. I gave it a cursory look and it has lots of variety. However, I’m not going to waste your time by waxing lyrical about the variety including fish and dressed crab. I was here for oysters. That day they had Jersey oysters no 2 or 4 perhaps – I didn’t really pay that much attention. The waiter explained they were the £1 oysters and I said I’d take 6.
Mercifully there were only two other tables occupied that afternoon. I tentatively poked around at my first oyster and then clumsily knocked it back. I put too much of the shell in my mouth resulting in ungracefully picking shell out of my mouth.
How were the oysters?
Delicious, tasty and fresh.
I quickly ordered another 6.
With my glass of fizz, I tried desperately to pace myself. I gobbled surreptitiously in the corner. I wanted more. However, I stopped myself….just.
The wright brothers have this right – OYSTERS FOR ALL. Still not sure – get yourself down there and you’ll see they are wright!
Baby In The Corner? At 3.30pm Baby had the run of the restaurant and could sit anywhere.
Pricey? The alcohol is more expensive than the oysters….if I had just stuck at 6 oysters my glass of fizz cost more. However, WHO just has 6 oysters when they are that cheap?
Where?  Ground Floor, Kingly Court, Carnaby, Soho W18 5PW
How? 15 mins slow walk & glance in shops from Oxford Circus tube or 7 mins normal Londoner walking pace
Open when? 7 days a week and the Oyster happy hour is EVERY DAY from 3 to 6pm yes – EVERY DAY

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