It’s always Gin o’clock! Solo cocktail @ Scarfes Bar, London

Hello my name is Liquid Marmalade and for the past 9 months I’ve been cheating on myself with films.

Yes, that’s right I moved back from Paris to pursue writing and all that jazz and just couldn’t find any balance. Film reviewing is hard work. Gone are the days where; I would sit back, gleefully eat the food I hid in my bag rather than spend £5 on popcorn and watch the film with my only utterance after the credits had ended would be: rubbish or not bad actually. No, now you can find me hunched over with pen and notebook precariously balanced on the armrest furiously taking notes, observing everything. That left little time for me to write up blog posts for Liquid Marmalade although I haven’t stopped eating or drinking solo. View Post

Can you kir me coming @ Le Select, Paris

Forget what others think and just do it!

When I first came to Paris back in May 2010 to live and work I used to walk past various brasseries’ terraces and stare at the couples enveloping each other in midst of smoke and no doubt talking about something intelligent like Proust. I, on the other hand, was too afraid to even sit at a table and so that summer past with me walking sometimes seriously dehydrated past all these tables afraid and missing out on an essential part of French life – people watching! View Post

Solo Apero @ Café A, Paris

My mother used to say to me: “you need to stop playing the fool and get some religion up in that head of yours”. She is nothing if not direct my Mum.  So I headed down to Café A, a building that used to be a convent, to sit on the terrace and bask in the glorious sunshine. This is probably not what my Mother had in mind when she said I needed religion!


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Solo Apéro at Mems

Hello sun – we’ve missed you in Paris! That is what the many thousands of people who were sitting basking in the glorious hot sunshine, even at 20h must have been thinking on Friday 7 June! When there is sun in Paris, forget about sauntering to a bar with a terrace and hoping to find a spare seat. There are none. I wonder if there are professional terrace seat keepers – if not – there may be a market for them! View Post