Five ways to stay creative during Social Distancing and Isolation

Five ways to stay creative during Social Distancing and Isolation

Look who’s guilty of stockpiling. Yes, those five jars of liquid marmalade that I made back in 2013 and gave birth to this blog. Long story short, I was so disgusted with the result that I went out and dined solo and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now that we are all in some form of social distancing and/or isolation, there is a wealth of stuff that is available online. However, as with the avalanche of bad news about Covid and the never ending projections of doom and gloom so it is true of all the resources on the internet. I don’t know about you but I’ve started to curate what I read, see and hear. I don’t watch the television news but do dip into the newspapers but only in the morning so I have the rest of the day to clear my head of any bad news. I listen to podcasts, music on my playlists, audiobooks. I have a shocking amount of books to read in my “rainy day pile”. I watch everything on platforms so no live tv and I live alone, so really my anxiety and stress levels are pretty low. As for Facebook and Instagram etc I again curate who comes into my feed and how I engage, we still have control over that. Anyway, there are virtual museum tours you can take, West End Musicals you can watch and lots of free courses, books etc to download.

West End Musical To Watch

Wind In The Willows the musical, recorded in 2017 is available to anyone in the UK to watch online now. How brilliant is that? A small donation is requested, all they ask is that you pay what you can afford.  Click here to sign up and stream.

Cookery Classes

Now, it would appear is the time to brush up on those cookery skills. Even if you don’t have the ingredients lots of places are offering free classes online. Bread Ahead, who I think make the best doughnuts in London, has started live instragram cookery classes. I joined one and it was great. It’s not just doughnuts, all types of bread skills will be taught. All free of course, so click here for the details.

Open Culture

Open Culture is a goldmine of knowledge including free audiobooks, ebooks of all the classics, language classes and courses that you’ve always wanted to take but never had the time. Well look here, you’ve got the time, so take a look here.

Free Documentaries 

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam has released its database of 200 documentaries anyone, no matter where you’re based geographically, to watch. Take a look at all the titles on offer here.

Virtual Museum Tours

Ah to just be able to wander around the British Museum, or pop to Paris to the Musee D’Orsay or even South Korea. Whilst none of that is currently physically possible, the next best thing is a virtual visit, to not just the two mentioned above but twelve museums,  and you can do that for free by clicking on this link.


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