Solo dining at Zoilo, London – Argentinians know how to meat expectations!

Sometimes you just want meat – sorry all you vegetarians but it is true. There are times I crave a good steak. I am not afraid of cooking one for myself at home but it’s truly a singular pleasure to be able to go out and have steak and chips. I’m no purist – I like ketchup with my chips and this is after a near on 5 year stint living in Paris. Mustard with fries, ok but it just doesn’t hit the spot like a good dollop of the red stuff. Every month I do try and meet a friend for a steak and wine catch up and we tried this place a few months ago. I promised myself I’d come back to it solo to savour it.

Location Location

Zoilo is located on a very smart, architecturally beautiful London street that is an oasis from the shoppers a stone’s throw away at Selfridges and those behind it on Marylebone High Street. Also, as I discovered afterwards the Wallace Collection is in the square behind it. The restaurant itself is housed in a Georgian building and the door is closed, you have to push it open. My younger self might have been intimated by that, but my 40 something self loves it – no breeze and the people who do push the door actually want to eat food.

Good Vibes

The welcome on a bright, sunny was so lovely and warm. It is slightly sombre inside – at least the walls are but the staff are so lovely. Solo diners are welcome here and not ushered straight to the bar. I had my pick of tables and chose one on a banquette so that I could survey.

The Food

Aha! Well, luckily for me even on a Saturday, the set lunch menu was available. I knew exactly what I was having, the best burger in town. It is a beef and marrow bone burger with an added layer of beef short rib and draped in cheese. Yes, it is as good as it sounds. I kicked off with the house chorizo and a glass of rose, naturally.

I am gluten intolerant – thank goodness I ate my body weight in bread when I lived in Paris. I, therefore, had my burger without the bun. I had the chips but they explained it was fried in the same oil as the croquettes – I can’t resist chips. I took the risk for chips.

Now, when the bill comes Zoilo offers a little petit four. Sadly, the petit fours aren’t gluten free so they gave me a scoop of ice cream instead – as the maitre’d said as he served me – no one leaves without a sweet treat. I left belly and heart filled!

It’s a true hidden gem, this place.

Baby In The Corner? Not at all, when I arrived a few of the tables were already taken but I was still offered my pick of the remaining few.

Pricey? No! The set menu is a steal – the meat is melt in the mouth delicious – 2 courses £17 in the heart of central London!

Where? 9 Duke Street, London, W1U 3EG

How? A 10 minute walk from Bond Street tube station, or a quick 5 mins cantor out of Selfridges!!

Open when? It’s open Monday to Saturday and best of all it does it’s set lunch menu on a Saturday!



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