How To Celebrate a Birthday during Covid-19!

How To Celebrate a Birthday during Covid-19!

How do you celebrate a birthday during lockdown if you’re solo, no eggs or chance of seeing friends?

You get creative.

At least that’s what I did on Tuesday. Now I know we are allowed to see a friend, 6 feet apart in a park but that feels like torture. I am not the biggest hugger but after nine weeks of no physical touching, I feared I’d explode the rules by leaping onto said friend and hugging them until they were left gasping for breath. I see your eyes roll there, dramatic much!

Also, I don’t know about anyone else but I’m bored with cooking. I peaked too soon, all those evenings pretending to be Nigella and stirring love into risotto, cauliflower cheese from scratch, steak in red wine sauce, yes really, well I’m done. The past couple of weeks, the tin soups have finally had their moment in the sun. I’ve even (clutches pearls) had porridge for breakfast and dinner and occasionally a packet of crisps. I want to be fed and watered like the racehorse I am in a restaurant. I thought I appreciated being served but now my daydreams are filled with the idea of being sat in a restaurant and someone placing a plate of food in front of me.

Tuesday 19 May rolled around and I dithered about ordering a cake, that I never did and I don’t have any eggs so no cake making either!¬†However, I ordered a very expensive box of British cheese a few weeks before. I had candles and so yes, I made birthday cheesecake innit. I stuck three candles into a slab of cheese.

What I will say is I’ve never felt such an abundance of love: texts, emails, messages, phone calls and deliveries of gifts including cookery books and spices from friends who aren’t entertaining my new found love of dinner porridge!

My top five tips on how to celebrate your birthday during Covid-19!

  1. Take time to enjoy the day. Maybe you never get to spend it alone, or you are always at work. It’s a gift and a privilege to have to enjoy your day and if you are alone, it does feel like a luxury.
  2. Make a wish. Even if you don’t have candles at home if you’ve got matches then strike one, make a wish and blow it out. Wishes mean hope, and we can all do with that right now.
  3. Try and get your treats in before the day so you aren’t standing in a queue outside a shop. I had my favourite gluten free spring rolls.
  4. Champagne – I love bubbles for celebrations. I am not saying you must drink. In fact, I hadn’t had a drink since 13 March and wow, those bubbles went straight to my head.
  5. Make a very short list about what you might watch. I only managed a couple of hours of watching a show because I was overwhelmed with phone calls. However, it’s important to choose in advance so you don’t waste your precious time or you could just check out ears and eyeballs weekly list!

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