Sweet Treat @ My Crazy Pop, Paris

Aside from eating solo or with friends – I do have some of those – I’m a cinéphile.  How do I love the cinema – midday when I have the screen to myself with nobody sitting next to me, oops there seems to be a trend here! For me the cinema is not just about the big screen and hopefully staying engrossed for 2 hours but all that goes before it; handing your ticket over to be ripped in half, buying popcorn and then choosing which seat to sit in. When I am not writing here you can read my film reviews on BRWC.  View Post

Solo Dining @ Le Terroir Parisien, Paris

May is the month of faire le pont – yipee! What is faire le pont well simply put if a public holiday falls on a Thursday or Tuesday most people take the preceding or following day off and so bridge the gap to make a long weekend. May is the month with a lot of public holidays, three to be precise. For a so called secular country there are a lot of religious public holidays during the year although in May there is just Ascension Day, but lets not rock the boat the French are very sensitive about rights and holidays in whatever form are sacrosant! View Post

Solo Dining @ La Palette, Paris

When I first moved to Paris I was too shy to sit at a table on a bistro terrace. I felt intimidated by all the people drinking their coffee or sipping wine whilst puffing away on their cigarettes and laughing with their friends. I was alone and ashamed of the way I sounded so foreign as if I just stepped off the Eurostar speaking French with my broad London accent.  View Post

Solo Dining @ Nanashi – Le Bento Parisien, Paris

After all my business trip and an unbelievable, but far too short, 4 day stay in Bali in April I caught a reflection of myself in the mirror and thought who is that person staring back at me? Sometimes when I dine solo in places they ask that solo diners to sit at the counter, bar whatever you want to call it and well can you imagine the discomfort of sitting there worrying as to whether you backside is hanging out. Which is why I have always asked for a table, I may be solo but I want a table and not least because of backside exposure fear! View Post

Solo Dining @ Le BAT, Paris

Just before I joined the exodus of Parisians leaving to head to the countryside for Easter, I decided I needed a last meal in a place that had a buzzing atmosphere.  If I’m honest Le BAT was not my first choice for a solo dining adventure that Wednesday night in actual fact I wanted to eat at the no-reservations Le Richer but it was rammed. Le Richer is the only Parisian restaurant I know that has stuck a list in the window of neighbourhood restaurants it recommends if you don’t feel like waiting 45 mins for a table. View Post