Solo Dining @ Bob’s Kitchen, Paris

After being on the road, so to speak, for the past month on a constant conveyor belt of airplane and hotel meals I was in need to something healthy to kick start my solo dining in Paris.  I toyed with the idea of dusting down my juicer and then I thought better of it – the juicing part is fine it’s the washing up that makes me question why something so healthy generates so much mess.  After a bit of swiping on the Ipad I knew the hidden gem that had just what I was looking for Bob’s Kitchen, Paris. View Post

Solo dining @ Gyoza Bar, Paris

Another Friday and another day of “working from home” which actually entailed going back to the Indonesian embassy to pick up my passport and business visa.  As I had just got back from Istanbul the day before my fridge was empty and there was no sense restocking it as I my next trip will see me out of the country for 3 weeks. I could wallow but I actually saw this as the perfect opportunity to have lunch out in Paris after all when opportunity knocks it is best to open the door! View Post

Solo Dining @ L’Ilot Restaurant, Paris

I usually forget to take a lunch break when I am working from home so the thought of actually dining solo at an actual restaurant last Friday whilst working from home seemed positively decadent. As part of my current 9 to 5 job I sometimes travel to far flung parts of the world and that necessitates getting a visa. As I had to collect my passport from the Indonesian embassy around lunchtime I thought today I should treat myself to lunch in the Paris sunshine. View Post

No Solo Dining @ Breizh Cafe, Paris

Pancake day 2014 in the City of Lights and it’s sort of the anniversary of this blog. My second solo outing was to la petite Josselin creperie last year. This year, I thought throw caution to the wind not go back, stay safe – no this is the year where I push forward and try something new and this is where I rant about hating hype! View Post

Solo dining @ Chipotle, Mexican Grill, Paris

When I first announced to a friend of mine that Chipotle is now open for business in Paris, her reaction was this is big news. Indeed it is! Chipotle is fabulous, fast Mexican food which the French have managed to upscale.  It is surprising paradox for a country that takes so much pride in their ‘terroir’ and protection of foods such as; Camembert, Pruneaux d’Agen, Champagne etc to then have the highest number of McDonalds outside of the USA to name but one fast food giant. View Post