Solo dining @ Chipotle, Mexican Grill, Paris

When I first announced to a friend of mine that Chipotle is now open for business in Paris, her reaction was this is big news. Indeed it is! Chipotle is fabulous, fast Mexican food which the French have managed to upscale.  It is surprising paradox for a country that takes so much pride in their ‘terroir’ and protection of foods such as; Camembert, Pruneaux d’Agen, Champagne etc to then have the highest number of McDonalds outside of the USA to name but one fast food giant. View Post

Solo Dining @ Balls Restaurant Paris

“Eat my balls” – yes you read it correctly – this is the slogan splashed across the waiter’s t-shirt at the hot new restaurant opening for January 2014 in Paris, the very aptly named Balls!


I decided to schlep over to the 11th arrondissement in Paris to the hipster street that is Rue St. Maur just 10 minutes from where Mr Oscar Wilde is buried in Père Lachaise cemetery.  I wonder how Mr Wilde liked his balls accompanied by a tomato or yogurt sauce or au naturel? View Post

Solo Apero @ Lazare (No Room At The Inn!) Paris

*I had had enough of Christmas shopping not that I had made much headway. I ordered two items off Amazon and hoped that their delivery dates were accurate or there really would be tears on the 25th. Having headed into the crowds of FNAC, I pontificated (my new favourite word) and then bought something for myself, oops! After such an effort there was nothing for it but to go and have a solo apéro.  Given that I was in the Opéra area I thought I’d check out the hot new opening at St Lazare Station, the aptly named Lazare. View Post

Solo Dining @ Noglu – gluten free restaurant Paris

Lieu, Location

4 weeks until Christmas and I know I will stuff myself with bread, Xmas pudding, biscuits actually anything that passes my line of vision will probably end up in my mouth.  So, in the run up I try and do a pre-Christmas diet. Nothing fancy but I try and lay off the croissants, bread etc which is hard in France and made even harder as I live above a boulangerie!  In a country where the saying is: “A meal without bread is like a day without sunshine“, what on earth do you do if you are wheat intolerant or in fact suffering from coeliac disease. Starve? Joking aside, I was about to find out as Paris has a 100% dedicated gluten free restaurant called Noglu.


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Solo dining @ Chez Gladines restaurant, Paris

Lieu, Location

What do Gwyneth Paltrow and I share in common?

a) a multi millionaire husband?

b) we are both oscar winners? or

c) our love of Diptyque candles?

Yes, it’s c) our reputed  shared love of diptyque candles (just for info I am working on answers a) and b) – ha ha!)  What have candles got to do with my blog post? Everything! View Post