5 Tips on How to Travel Solo

5 Tips on How to Travel Solo

Travelling solo can seem daunting but actually, once you embrace it, you may just find it hard to go back – ha ha! I started Liquid Marmalade because I didn’t want to miss out on going to great restaurants due to being solo and the same is true of travel. If you can leave home in the morning to go to work alone, you can travel solo it’s the same principles, here’s how:

  1. Day Trip First – Whaaat I hear you shout, you’re all psyched up to go to Asia. Well great, except before you go off on that two week, 11 hour flight solo you need to get used to you. Yes, solo you and the way to do that is a little day trip a couple of hours away from where you live. Whilst on the day trip you need to go and eat somewhere, not fast food, where you sit solo.
  2. Accommodation – It is all about the hotel, B&B etc where you stay. I am not a fan of airbnb when I travel generally and especially not solo. As a woman especially you need to be careful about where you stay and so I always book a hotel. You need to be sure someone will miss you if you don’t turn up one night. Also, hotels mean you can speak to staff if you so wish and thereby not feel so lonely. Also, always share where you are going with friends and/or family it will make you and them feel better.
  3. It’s All About You – Ever been away with those friends who have you up at the crack of dawn, walking the entire day, picky eaters? Well when you travel solo you decide what time you wake up (aaah) and the day’s itinerary: visit one place and have a super long lunch – yes you can!
  4. It’s Safe As Long As You Behave – Ok, here’s the thing I’ve travelled to China, Malaysia, Singapore, Portugal, Bali, Spain etc solo. My one rule is never to get drunk when travelling solo – I’ll have a glass of wine but I never, ever get drunk. You are alone so you need to stay safe and trust your gut. If you wouldn’t do it when you’re at home don’t do it abroad.
  5. Fake The Confidence – You have to unleash your inner rockstar and behave like you are exactly where you are meant to be. Don’t hesitate when you walk into places, look people in the eyes. A great trick a friend told me was to put on sunglasses in airport and strut – you may feel like a fool at first but then you’ll start strutting like a peacock and people will think who’s that. You’ll look back and say it’s me, rockstar!



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