Film Club – Subversive Sundays

Film Club – Subversive Sundays

For a year I have been quietly running a film club in an exclusive London venue.

The third Sunday of every month: 4.30pm sharp, a brief intro by me to signposts before the film is screened. No Q&A’s that so 2017, healthy debate instead.

That’s been the programme. I watch a lot of films as a freelance film critic and felt so frustrated that there were so many hidden gems not being seen by the more people. The best part of watching a film is the chat afterwards. I love it: the debates that start as soon as the lights go up, pick up pace as you head to a restaurant with friends or the tube station and later on continue raging on whatsapp. Don’t get me wrong I love to stream stuff whilst at home but community and connection are so important. There are so many people feeling more alone than ever.

I also think you have to be the change you want to see. Enter – Subversive Sundays!

Subversive Sundays – The aim is to get you thinking outside the box when it comes to films! Screening a different film every month to get you thinking.

Get Critical – We like to challenge outselves to not only consume, but to delve into themes and creative choices that go into films.

Do You Have a Critical Eye? We don’t just watch films we actually actively think about what we’re watching and being shown. Everyone’s opinion is valid.

Why Subversive? The name came about because we like to look at films from a different angle.

Films we’ve watched: Secretary, In Between, Welcome To Me, Pride, I Got Life, Shoplifters, The Birdcage, Paris Is Burning, Timbuktu, Trading Places.

The Subversive Sundays community is growing and in January 2020, I’ll be showing – Black Swan.

If you want to follow and learn more about this awesome (yes, I’m modest) then head over to Instagram: @sundayfilmday

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