Solo Apéro @ La Crèmerie, Paris

Lieu, Location

I am often asked how do I find the places  I eat or drink at in Paris.  The answer is it depends for the most part. I walk an awful lot and stumble across places that I like the look of as is the case here, or someone recommends a place to try or lastly I read about it.  Anyway I found La Crèmerie a while ago and had written it down as a place I definitely wanted to have a drink at.  Except that it nearly didn’t happen.  View Post

Solo Apero @ Café A, Paris

My mother used to say to me: “you need to stop playing the fool and get some religion up in that head of yours”. She is nothing if not direct my Mum.  So I headed down to Café A, a building that used to be a convent, to sit on the terrace and bask in the glorious sunshine. This is probably not what my Mother had in mind when she said I needed religion!


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Solo Apéro @ Wanderlust, PAris

Every 5 years or so I get a serious case of itchy feet; am I where I want to be, do I want to settle here blah blah blah. I have been in Paris for 3 years now so wanderlust is still 2 years off or well it was until Tuesday 25 June. After what  can only be described as a day that will be talked about for months if not years to come in the French company I work for. I got a dose of wanderlust as follows: maybe it’s time to get a wiggle on! View Post

Solo Apéro @ 1728, Paris

Who was I in 1728? I couldn’t tell you. Do I believe in reincarnation well that is a discussion best had over a couple bottles of wine. What I do know is that in this life I am a princess and I expect to be treated as such. Although after my solo aperitif at 1728 on Friday 14 June, I now consider myself a queen! View Post

Le Cette

Even the sun decided to stay in bed on Thursday 13 June. I couldn’t blame her, there was yet another strike in France! No sun, crammed into a train with no air conditioning and the dank, heavy smell of body odour (obviously there are not enough deodorant commercials shown on French tv) that was so strong that the back of my throat itched.  This was a day not only for a solo apero but also in a place that I could walk to. View Post