Solo Apéro at Mems

Hello sun – we’ve missed you in Paris! That is what the many thousands of people who were sitting basking in the glorious hot sunshine, even at 20h must have been thinking on Friday 7 June! When there is sun in Paris, forget about sauntering to a bar with a terrace and hoping to find a spare seat. There are none. I wonder if there are professional terrace seat keepers – if not – there may be a market for them! View Post

Solo Apéro @ Les Etages, Paris

Eating alone at a table is one thing but drinking alone? Sitting in a bar at a table on your own with a sad lonely drink in front of you is not very convivial even if you are in a crowded bar. As a woman even in the 21st century – the view that if you are going to a bar on your own you want to be picked up. I didn’t want to be picked. There have been times when I have fancied a cheeky cocktail before meeting friends for dinner but not had to courage to go into a bar on my own. That all changed on the 28 May. View Post