There’s no place like home – Solo Dining London Foodie List!


Paris – Emma Mapp Photography

Merde! It was all so easy solo dining and drinking my way around Paris. I was a foreigner and a pretty exotic one at that in a foreign land. I would walk in with my Del Boy accented french and get a seat and well it was fun. Not that I cared what the waiting staff thought but frankly I sounded as if I just stepped off the Eurostar a day ago not 4.5 years ago and so got away with it. Not so, now that I am back in London, my S-o-u-t-h London accent is as strong as ever. It doesn’t seem as fun. I get a little lost but not so much.  What do I miss the most about Paris is the question I get asked the most. The bridges and bread. I miss bread being on the table as soon I sat down and being able to tell the quality of the place from the bread. Honestly, the bread will tell you if you’ll be eating a plate of merde or foodie delight!

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Ever dreamt of having a vicarious Parisian foodie adventure?


Currently I spend hours swiping on my Ipad through other people’s gorgeous food/lifestyle websites. You’re here so you too are spending a bit of time when maybe you should be filling out that tax return eek! However, as much as those sites are gorgeous they aren’t very interactive are they? So here’s an idea have you ever thought: I’d love to try that restaurant in that magazine I read about in Paris but you are in Australia, London, Dubai or even Paris but whatever the reason you can’t try it yourself? Or you’re planning to come visit Paris later on in the year with your love, or business, or just because but want to know is that hip bar really that good, or that restaurant is it minuscule and and what of the food are those critiques accurate? Here’s the solution: send me on your own personal foodie quest. View Post

Solo Apero @ Café A, Paris

My mother used to say to me: “you need to stop playing the fool and get some religion up in that head of yours”. She is nothing if not direct my Mum.  So I headed down to Café A, a building that used to be a convent, to sit on the terrace and bask in the glorious sunshine. This is probably not what my Mother had in mind when she said I needed religion!


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Solo Apéro @ Les Etages, Paris

Eating alone at a table is one thing but drinking alone? Sitting in a bar at a table on your own with a sad lonely drink in front of you is not very convivial even if you are in a crowded bar. As a woman even in the 21st century – the view that if you are going to a bar on your own you want to be picked up. I didn’t want to be picked. There have been times when I have fancied a cheeky cocktail before meeting friends for dinner but not had to courage to go into a bar on my own. That all changed on the 28 May. View Post