Solo Coffee @ Le Coutume Café, Paris

Solo Coffee @ Le Coutume Café, Paris

My name is Liquid Marmalade and I am a Polluter.

Polluter of what exactly?


Yes my crime in a country of black coffee drinkers is: I love mine with the white stuff. I don’t want cream or sugar but milk. Also I like a big cup of coffee none of this mini espresso cup nonsense which is what you get if you say café please.  If you want an Anglo-Saxon style coffee then ask for an americano. Every time I ask for milk  I get the look that says quelle horreur.

Le Lieu/ Location

Now that I have stated my confession let me share with you my non sweet treat and solo coffee pause I had a few Saturdays ago.  I decided to go easy on the sweet treats and thought about where can I have a solo coffee or café in Paris. I knew exactly where – Le Coutume Café  just a road away from La Grand Epicierie the foodie paradise that you just have to experience when in Paris. It is like every glossy food magazine rolled into one and brought to life – it has everything and is so beautifully laid out!

L’ambiance/ Good Vibes

This place is rough luxe meets serious coffee roasters in one of the chicest parts of Paris. The carefully executed plastered walls are a backdrop to high chic furniture.  Solo coffee drinkers can sit at the bar or a table you need to get there early.  There is a workspace  with plugs etc for those who want to bring their compute, work, and keep themselves wired on the liquid black stuff all day. On weekends they serve brunch for the seemingly standard price of €25 or alternatively if you just fancy coffee and a cake then there are a range of cakes for about €4. They also serve tea here if you decide to come with a non coffee drinker.

collage coutume cafe

Café/ Coffee

The coffee menu is long and clear and provided both in English and French. There are usual standard style coffees and then for the aficionados there is the espresso micro-lot, cortado, siphon, extraction cold press etc.  Looking at the menu it reminded me of when coffee culture first came to London and hearing people ordering a cappuccino no whip,semi skimmed extra shot etc and thinking what language is that.  When the waitress came to take my order I chose a simple cappuccino and sacrilege of sacrilege it was in the afternoon around 4pm! When my order came – it was every bit as good as I hoped it would be. This place lives up to its’ promise. The foam was dense and creamy and the coffee rich and full bodied. I took my time to sip it, people watch and enjoy the mellow vibe and background music play at Le Coutume Café. Just when I didn’t think things could get any better, I paid and was offered a loyalty card hoorah! This must be a first for Paris – coffee loyalty card that is.

close up coffee

This is definitely a place I love coming to and a few doors down is the wonderful La Pagode cinema and if the weather is dry you can order tea in their bamboo garden. It is a hidden gem and a wonderful old style cinema.

La Pagode


Where? 47 Rue de Babylone, 75007 Paris

How? Line 12 (Rue de Bac) or Line 13 (Saint-François-Xavier)

Open when? 7 days a week 8h to 19h weekdays and 10h to 19h weekends

Pricey? Quality comes at a price and my cappuccino cost €4,20


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