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Sartre was right – hell is other people!

Alas my full time passion of writing and and film criticism doesn’t currently pay the bills.  I’m back temping in a “proper job”  to pays all the bills plus a little fun and frolics. I hope whoever devised open plan working is living out their days miserable as sin. Open plan working is like experiencing hell ever day. There is nowhere to hide! Those flirty texts need to kept to a minimum and other people’s conversations funny for the first time but when you’ve overheard the same story  ten times and seen pictures of their puppies, babies push one to the proverbial edge. I now just put my headphones and whack up the music although I have no desire to become deaf. So now I just put them on, bop along to non existent music and people leave me alone. Result! All that means is I cannot wait until I work for myself and remove myself from the crazies although somedays I do wonder who’s crazier. Lunch is supposed to be peaceful but not at your desk and sometimes you need to Spring into action. At these times I take myself off to a ritzy place. Afterwards, I return to the office hot and flustered as if I’ve done something naughty.  We all need a little decadent, naughty fun in our lives, even just in a lunch hour, more so when you’re daily existence is open plan! View Post

Solo Dining @ Nanashi – Le Bento Parisien, Paris

After all my business trip and an unbelievable, but far too short, 4 day stay in Bali in April I caught a reflection of myself in the mirror and thought who is that person staring back at me? Sometimes when I dine solo in places they ask that solo diners to sit at the counter, bar whatever you want to call it and well can you imagine the discomfort of sitting there worrying as to whether you backside is hanging out. Which is why I have always asked for a table, I may be solo but I want a table and not least because of backside exposure fear! View Post

Solo Dining @ Le BAT, Paris

Just before I joined the exodus of Parisians leaving to head to the countryside for Easter, I decided I needed a last meal in a place that had a buzzing atmosphere.  If I’m honest Le BAT was not my first choice for a solo dining adventure that Wednesday night in actual fact I wanted to eat at the no-reservations Le Richer but it was rammed. Le Richer is the only Parisian restaurant I know that has stuck a list in the window of neighbourhood restaurants it recommends if you don’t feel like waiting 45 mins for a table. View Post

Solo Dining @ L’Ilot Restaurant, Paris

I usually forget to take a lunch break when I am working from home so the thought of actually dining solo at an actual restaurant last Friday whilst working from home seemed positively decadent. As part of my current 9 to 5 job I sometimes travel to far flung parts of the world and that necessitates getting a visa. As I had to collect my passport from the Indonesian embassy around lunchtime I thought today I should treat myself to lunch in the Paris sunshine. View Post

Solo Apéro @ La Crèmerie, Paris

Lieu, Location

I am often asked how do I find the places  I eat or drink at in Paris.  The answer is it depends for the most part. I walk an awful lot and stumble across places that I like the look of as is the case here, or someone recommends a place to try or lastly I read about it.  Anyway I found La Crèmerie a while ago and had written it down as a place I definitely wanted to have a drink at.  Except that it nearly didn’t happen.  View Post