When only organic remains – solo dining @ Bioburger, Paris

You could die in Paris in August and nobody would know until La Rentrée in September when normal city life recommences!

Ok, maybe that is a slight exaggeration but honestly Paris is like a deserted town in August – everything shuts down. I was involved in a bad road accident a few years ago on a work trip, endured 22 hour flight from Australia via Buenos Aires and arrived back in Paris wearing a neck brace. My Parisian doctor prescribed an MRI to survey the damage and check nothing was broken in my spinal cord that was the 24 July and when I went to book the MRI was told sorry Maidmoiselle but the first appointment we have is in September after all it is the holidays. Yes, that’s right: the doctors (replaced by locums), and dentists – my beloved Dr B went for his 3.5 week holiday so I better not crack a tooth –  the post office changes its hours to only open for a ridiculously short period and are closed at lunchtime, libraries open a couple hours a day during the week and are closed on weekends and then all your favourite local shops, boulangeries, restaurants etc closed for a month- bah c’est les vacances quoi – it’s the holidays! View Post

Solo dining @ La Buvette – gastrothèque, Paris

After walking all the way from Opera  to Pigalle (a good hour given I had to negotiate the wave of Saturday afternoon shoppers lapping at the shores of Galerie Lafayette department store) and then trailing in and out of the boutiques that line Rue de Martyrs, I was in need of a chair and liquid refreshment.  I had initially thought of stopping in for a bit of love at Hotel Amour but it seemed that everyone else in SoPi (yes the hipsters have moved in and created an enclave starting from the sex shops next to la Moulin Rouge and the stairs leading to Montmartre. South Pigalle is where its at or not depending on your point of view) had decamped there! View Post