Oyster Happiness @ Wright Brothers, London



How will I know I’m successful?

I shall go to the cinema at midday and afterwards sate my appetite eating oysters all day and not worry about the cost. However, whilst I am still in the fake it whilst I make it stage I must watch the pennies, sort of. How is it possible to eat oysters everyday and not worry too much? Not walk and text is how. Walkers and texters miss all the bargains – you have to keep your eyes peeled. A few weeks ago I came across the sign above and made a mental note. I thought I really must try out this place although I did have a sense of fear. You see I’m a virgin. An oyster virgin in public. I’ve eaten the delicacies with people who know what they are doing in sweeping gardens in South West France and on a dock of a bay in San Francisco. The imagery is sickening I know! However, eating them in a restaurant and ALONE – I recoiled in silent horror just as I imagine an oyster does when the shallot vinaigrette is first poured on. View Post

Solo Apéro @ Les Etages, Paris

Eating alone at a table is one thing but drinking alone? Sitting in a bar at a table on your own with a sad lonely drink in front of you is not very convivial even if you are in a crowded bar. As a woman even in the 21st century – the view that if you are going to a bar on your own you want to be picked up. I didn’t want to be picked. There have been times when I have fancied a cheeky cocktail before meeting friends for dinner but not had to courage to go into a bar on my own. That all changed on the 28 May. View Post