Solo Apero @ French Beer Factory, Paris

One of the aspects of London I really miss is having a proper pint of beer. That’s not to say that after work I would always be necking back pints of beer but I do enjoy that aspect of London life of going down the pub or bar and having a drink and colleagues joking and laughing. Paris is not like that – the Parisians are a cold bunch who take a long while to warm up to anyone. View Post

Solo Dining @ Le BAT, Paris

Just before I joined the exodus of Parisians leaving to head to the countryside for Easter, I decided I needed a last meal in a place that had a buzzing atmosphere.  If I’m honest Le BAT was not my first choice for a solo dining adventure that Wednesday night in actual fact I wanted to eat at the no-reservations Le Richer but it was rammed. Le Richer is the only Parisian restaurant I know that has stuck a list in the window of neighbourhood restaurants it recommends if you don’t feel like waiting 45 mins for a table. View Post