Solo Dining @ Nanashi – Le Bento Parisien, Paris

After all my business trip and an unbelievable, but far too short, 4 day stay in Bali in April I caught a reflection of myself in the mirror and thought who is that person staring back at me? Sometimes when I dine solo in places they ask that solo diners to sit at the counter, bar whatever you want to call it and well can you imagine the discomfort of sitting there worrying as to whether you backside is hanging out. Which is why I have always asked for a table, I may be solo but I want a table and not least because of backside exposure fear! View Post

Solo Apero @ French Beer Factory, Paris

One of the aspects of London I really miss is having a proper pint of beer. That’s not to say that after work I would always be necking back pints of beer but I do enjoy that aspect of London life of going down the pub or bar and having a drink and colleagues joking and laughing. Paris is not like that – the Parisians are a cold bunch who take a long while to warm up to anyone. View Post

Solo Apéro @ Wanderlust, PAris

Every 5 years or so I get a serious case of itchy feet; am I where I want to be, do I want to settle here blah blah blah. I have been in Paris for 3 years now so wanderlust is still 2 years off or well it was until Tuesday 25 June. After what  can only be described as a day that will be talked about for months if not years to come in the French company I work for. I got a dose of wanderlust as follows: maybe it’s time to get a wiggle on! View Post