Sweet Treat @ My Crazy Pop, Paris

Sweet Treat @ My Crazy Pop, Paris

Aside from eating solo or with friends – I do have some of those – I’m a cinéphile.  How do I love the cinema – midday when I have the screen to myself with nobody sitting next to me, oops there seems to be a trend here! For me the cinema is not just about the big screen and hopefully staying engrossed for 2 hours but all that goes before it; handing your ticket over to be ripped in half, buying popcorn and then choosing which seat to sit in. When I am not writing here you can read my film reviews on BRWC.  Now I have a confession to make, I love to sneak food into the cinema rather than spend money at those  ridiculously expensive in-house cinema shops.  It is a throwback to the days when I used to buy pick’n’mix at Woolworths before going to the Odeon! Now when I read on Do It In Paris that the first ever popcorn shop in France decided to open in Paris I thought this is a sweet treat that might firmly put all others in the shade!

Le Lieu/Location

I really love popcorn and cannot get enough of that Tyrrell’s sweet and salty popcorn so I admit to coming to the shop with high expectations. I even imagined what it would be like – a sort of popcorn pick and mix heaven. Except that I forgot I live in France and the French like to do things their way. On entering the shop there is a lot of space and I like another customer was drawn to the back of the shop where the kitchen is located thinking that this is where I could pick and mix my popcorn. Er no – the popcorn had already been popped and placed into tubs and My Crazy Pop does an array of flavours including but not limited to: truffle, bbq onions, pistachio, strawberry, salted caramel butter, plain, garlic etc.

Crazy Pop collage

La Gouter / Popcorn

I was sort of perplexed there were all these flavours and yet what was I to choose. I didn’t actually want a tub, I wanted to pick and mix. I sound churlish but I was frustrated by the fact that the popcorn had already been packaged up. However, after being lost for 20 minutes and finally finding this place I was not leaving without my popcorn. Then I spied the best thing about My Crazy Pop – they sell their popcorn in handy ice cream cone sizes – genius! You can choose the popcorn you want and the server will helpfully place them into cones for you. A word of warning – there is a limited quantity of each type of popcorn so when it is gone it’s gone – get here early especially on a Saturday. I finally settled on: bbq onions, ginger and garlic, strawberry and caramel salted butter. My 4 cones came to €6 and the best thing is they are the perfect size to slip into a bag and sneak into the cinema.

collage My Crazy Pop

I didn’t actually sneak the popcorn into the cinema but ate them watching a dvd at home. I found the savoury flavours better than the sweet ones not least because the sweet ones seems to be covered in a sort of caramel or strawberry syrup that made the popcorn overly sweet and slightly cloying and every time I crunched down I feared I might break a filling which sort of takes the enjoyment out of eating popcorn!

Where? 15 rue Trousseau 75011

Open when? Tuesday to Friday 11h – 19h and Saturdays 11h – 20h

How? Metro line 8 (Ledru Rollin) and a 10 min max. walk if you are not GPS challenged like me.

Pricey? Good value for money – cones (cornets) are €1,50 or a tub for €4,50

Website: https://fr-fr.facebook.com/pages/My-Crazy-Pop/182570405223377

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