Solo Dining at Seven Dials Market, London – winner winner chicken dinner!

Solo Dining at Seven Dials Market, London – winner winner chicken dinner!

Hands up who is drinking broth and feeling smug? Not me, nah my first solo outing of the year was fried chicken and gluten free to boot. I was so excited. I thought I had left markets, small dishes etc in the 2019 but alas no. There is a new market hall in town (quite literally) called Seven Dials Market. One of my ongoing resolutions (so easy to maintain) is to carry on going to the theatre at least 3-4 times a month. The second Saturday of the month and I find myself seeing a rather spunky and short version of Richard III at the Donmar Theatre now with the rather apt title of Teenage Dick! Here it comes what does one eat before attending the theatre? Something small, not too spicy and quick to eat. Yep, market food is good for that!

Location, Location

This is in the seven dials area of Covent Garden, the bit that’s hidden but has the great shops. I can’t even remember what was here before but it’s slap bang next to the Donmar Warehouse theatre.

Good Vibes

It’s buzzing inside and there are two floors for your culinary pleasures full of foodie outlets I’d never heard of. My chicken dinner place was downstairs. Now here is the only downside of going to a market hall solo, seats are often taken once you’ve ordered your food. Being the Sarf / South London girl I am, I don’t leave stuff on seats to save it in case it gets stolen. To me downstairs is where it’s at and it was packed.

The Food

In 2020 I’m trying to be much better behaved where my gluten intolerance is concerned, so no cheating. Enter Pollote – gluten free fried chicken. I almost felt like breaking into song. With all these static food places you order, get given a buzzer, frantically look round for a place to sit and then when buzzer goes off head back to collect food. It took around 15 -20 minutes for the food which was fine. Was it worth the wait? Oh baby, yes and even though I wolfed it down in under 10 minutes as needed to get to my seat at the theatre, I thought I shall be back!


Baby In the Corner? Baby needs to keep their eyes open and pounce on the first available seat they see – sharp elbows!

Pricey? There’s a vast array of choice, my chicken dinner came in under £10 but it all depends what you order.

Where? 35 Earlham Street, London WC2H 9LD

How? About a 7 mins walk from Covent Garden or Leicester Square tube stations.

Open when? 11am to 11pm daily


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