Solo dining @ Cafe Craft, Paris

What’s the worst thing that can happen when you wake up on a Saturday morning after a rough week at work: a) being woken up by your noisy neighbours who just can’t seem to get…

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Sweet Treat @ Aux Merveilleux de Fred

There are all these books about why French women don’t get fat because they eat like this or they dress like that etc etc. In my humble opinion the reason French women don’t get fat…

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Solo dining @ Chipotle, Mexican Grill, Paris

When I first announced to a friend of mine that Chipotle is now open for business in Paris, her reaction was this is big news. Indeed it is! Chipotle is fabulous, fast Mexican food which…

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Solo dining @ La Buvette – gastrothèque, Paris

After walking all the way from Opera  to Pigalle (a good hour given I had to negotiate the wave of Saturday afternoon shoppers lapping at the shores of Galerie Lafayette department store) and then trailing…

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Solo Dining @ Balls Restaurant Paris

“Eat my balls” – yes you read it correctly – this is the slogan splashed across the waiter’s t-shirt at the hot new restaurant opening for January 2014 in Paris, the very aptly named Balls!…

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