Solo dining @ Cru – Raw Food Restaurant – Paris

In an attempt to atone for the gluttony during my 3 weeks in Georgia, I made a reservation at a raw food restaurant in Paris. I thought that this must be an oxymoron – does…

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Solo dining @ Clasico Argentino, Paris

I’m back after 3 blissful weeks spent in Atlanta, Georgia. As the late, great Ray Charles sang “Georgia on my mind”. It is very much on my mind: the sunshine, dear dear friends, biscuits and gravy,…

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Le camion qui fume, food truck, Paris

I am cool enough to remember when a burger from a van wasn’t gourmet fare. My burger from a van purchases were classy 2am outings; kicked out after last orders from a pub or club,…

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Solo Apero @ Café A, Paris

My mother used to say to me: “you need to stop playing the fool and get some religion up in that head of yours”. She is nothing if not direct my Mum.  So I headed…

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Solo Apéro @ Wanderlust, PAris

Every 5 years or so I get a serious case of itchy feet; am I where I want to be, do I want to settle here blah blah blah. I have been in Paris for…

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