It’s midsummer day/night, half the year has gone already. Here’s hoping the next 6 months is brighter…enough of that and onto this week’s film and tv choices. Do you know where your coffee comes from?…

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Documentary Review: Never Be Done – The Richard Glen Lett Story

Never Be Done: The Richard Glen Lett Story is a documentary directed by Roy Tighe over a period of seven years. It is a fascinating look at the dark side of comedy for the stand…

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Film Review: What Love Looks Like

What Love Looks Like is a feature length film made up of five stories with everyone searching for that elusive thing: love. What Love Looks Like is written, directed and produced by Alex Magana and…

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Ears and Eyeballs Streamlist: Week 12 lockdown viewing

It’s 3 months and I haven’t run out of things for you to watch. Do you feel like you’re walking a tightrope? Well, Philippe Petit walked one between the Twin Towers, watch the amazing documentary…

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Ears and Eyeballs Streamlist: Week 11 of lockdown

What a week it’s been, 2020 should be called the relentless year. Change has been long overdue but I can’t imagine any of us thought it would like this. This week’s streaming guide, there are…

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