Ears & Eyeballs weekly streaming guide : TV and Film

Three weeks of lockdown done and there’s still loads of good tv series and films to stream. One of my all time favourites is currently available on channel 4: The Shoplifters! Click the link to…

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Documentary Review: Soros

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future, so goes the saying. What, then of George Soros, is he a saint, sinner or very complex and enigmatic individual. Is it in fact…

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Ears and Eyeballs: Weekly tv and film streaming guide

If you’re thinking what do I watch next in lockdown 2.0, I’ve got you covered. There’s a hidden gem with Sean Penn as a goth, a couple of cracking documentary series in the form of…

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Ears & Eyeballs: Weekly TV & Film Guide

In the week of the presidential elections, when truth was stranger than fiction, I’ve chosen Legally Blonde, Lawless and a documentary about the final year of President Obama in office. Download this week’s guide here:…

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Ears & Eyeballs: what to stream this week

If you’re trying to avoid all the US presidential election talk and lockdown number two then check out this week’s ears and eyeballs what to watch list. This year’s Oscar winner, Parasite is now available…

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