Can you kir me coming @ Le Select, Paris

Forget what others think and just do it! When I first came to Paris back in May 2010 to live and work I used to walk past various brasseries’ terraces and stare at the couples…

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Eating fancy rice Korean style @ Jules et Shim restaurant, Paris

Did you know that for 6 months of the year I work for the French government? No, I hear you say. Neither did I, it came as a great shock to me too so let…

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When only organic remains – solo dining @ Bioburger, Paris

You could die in Paris in August and nobody would know until La Rentrée in September when normal city life recommences! Ok, maybe that is a slight exaggeration but honestly Paris is like a deserted…

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Merci merci for the concept – solo café @ Used Books Café, Paris

It’s often said and it’s true Paris is a city that is best discovered on foot. Yes, you do need to watch where you place your foot so sometimes you miss the wonderful architecture as you…

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Still packing them in after all these years – solo dining @ Le Relais d’Entrecôte

We all have a friend who introduces you to new things or in my case creates a princess with taste for: shopping in Waitrose, Diptyque candles, art house cinema, travelling solo, eating and drinking in…

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