Film Review – FEMME

Film Review – FEMME

Femme is an outstanding debut film.

If you like your revenge served cold and fierce then this is the film for you.  Jules, a drag artist (Nathan Stewart Jarrett) is violently attacked by racist thugs, led by Preston (George McKay). His life spirals out of control until he runs into Preston in a gay sauna and his revenge plan is set in motion.

The pace and tension were maintained throughout. This feature film by writing director duo of Ng Choon Ping and Sam H. Freeman reminded me a lot of Good Time by the Safdie brothers possibly because most of the action takes place at night.

My one criticism is that the supporting characters felt very thinly drawn with little depth. It was left largely to those actors to bring some complexity to those characters.

However, at 90 mins this is a sold revenge queer thriller that delivers on all fronts.

FEMME is on release in UK cinemas.


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