5 top tips for solo dining A.L.O.N.E in Paris and elsewhere!

“No one puts Baby in the corner”

When I started this blog I was ashamed to tell people about it for fear they were going to judge me. They did and guess what I am still doing it. I have had: inverted snorts of derision, looks of disgust and even plain why on earth would you want to eat alone.  The reason I started the blog was because I was missing out on all these wonderful restaurants and bars because: I am single, most of my friends are coupled up and well you don’t always want to be the third or fifth wheel,  but most of all I am an independent woman in control of the rest of my life, that’s the hope, and yet the fear of saying table for one left me trembling. Solo dining is great and having done it for over a year  in the City of Love and Lights here are my tips and observations on how to successful dine solo.  Let me tell you one thing this baby sits anywhere but the corner!

A – Always hold your head up high and smile back

Yes people at the restaurant are looking at you and here’s what they are thinking: goodness I would love to be eating alone right now because it’s no fun being stuck with my dining companion(s) or wow I wish I was brave enough to eat alone. You will feel empowered and your confidence will grow tenfold. I have met some very interesting and interested people from just smiling back at them in a restaurant.

L – Look fabulous

That’s right you may be solo dining but you are doing it with your favourite person, you, so put on those high heels or that jacket and feel good.

O – Only sit at the bar if you want to

This is my tip in restaurants and as well as bars. If you are feeling chatty and want to engage in conversation then the bar is great as the bartender will chat to you and the same goes to sitting at the dining bar of a restaurant. However don’t be afraid to ask for a table, yes they give those out to solo diners, but if you choose that option you will be left in peace to enjoy your meal which is sometimes no bad thing.

N – Never be afraid to just sit and observe

The amount of times I have read tips on websites, newspapers and blogs saying that if you are solo dining bring a book or ipad etc. You can swipe aimlessly on your ipad at home and read the book on the journey to and from the bar or restaurant. This is time to really enjoy observing others around you: their terrible table manners and the fact that most people don’t talk that much or even really pay much attention to their dining companion let alone what is going on around them. I, have a constant monologue going on in my head as I sit and observe others: humans are fascinating creatures!

E – Experience the absolute pleasure of engaging all five senses whilst your eat alone

It is a pretty sensual affair just you and a plate of food with the constant sounds of the restaurant in the background.  You will be surprise how different a plate of food – the textures on your tongue and taste are heightened – when 100% of your attention is focused on it. Having time to really enjoy your food is a rare pleasure that not everyone gets so go on enjoy it. Drop me a line at bonjour@liquidmarmalade.com and let me know how it was for you…


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