macarons hugo and victor

Eating cake on Bastille Day @Victor and Hugo, Paris

“Let Them Eat Cake innit” is what Marie-Antoinette said when she heard the peasants were starving, perhaps not the innit part but poetic licence and all that. To think she lost her head over that because we’re all eating cake now! Continue reading

Outside Pario

Brazil Wins My World Cup @ Le Pario Restaurant, Paris

Hands up who knew Iran had a football team let alone qualified for the 2014 World Cup?

I had no idea until I drew them in the office World Cup sweepstake I organised in Paris. The French I have now learnt don’t understand the concept of a sweepstake or is that just a sweeping generalisation (couldn’t resist the pun). Continue reading

collage mary celeste

They decided to stay on the ship @ Le Mary Celeste, Paris

Who doesn’t love a good story and a legend at that.

Most of us know the story of the Mary Celeste found on the ocean with no sign of the crew but with the table laid for dinner etc.  Were they abducted by aliens or worse? Although I am not sure there is worse than being abducted by aliens, oh wait, discovering that you the tax man is taking even more of your money than he did last year – yes you guessed it I finally did my tax declaration and I finally understand what socialism truly means! Continue reading


Une Lunch Carte of Foodie Surprises @ David Toutain, Paris

Where does an indecisive, solo dining, 30something, finicky, foodie choose to eat on her birthday?

Ever since I started working over 15 years ago I made a vow to myself not to ever work on my birthday.   I wasn’t working the day I came into this world so why should I be on the anniversary of that day – simples! It’s  just that this year I had no idea of what I wanted to do.  It felt as if I’ve come full circle 4 years ago when I came to this country I took myself to Angelina for their legendary hot chocolate and walked around my new hometown. Continue reading

Ever dreamt of having a vicarious Parisian foodie adventure?


Currently I spend hours swiping on my Ipad through other people’s gorgeous food/lifestyle websites. You’re here so you too are spending a bit of time when maybe you should be filling out that tax return eek! However, as much as those sites are gorgeous they aren’t very interactive are they? So here’s an idea have you ever thought: I’d love to try that restaurant in that magazine I read about in Paris but you are in Australia, London, Dubai or even Paris but whatever the reason you can’t try it yourself? Or you’re planning to come visit Paris later on in the year with your love, or business, or just because but want to know is that hip bar really that good, or that restaurant is it minuscule and and what of the food are those critiques accurate? Here’s the solution: send me on your own personal foodie quest. Continue reading